Social Development

The social development focuses on the social well-being through interventions, awareness generations and establishing linkages with grass root artisans. These include literacy programme, health care and financial inclusion. These services are not only confined to the artisans but to their family and fellow villagers as well.

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Alternative Education Program (AEP)

Basic education is a fundamental human right. Our Alternative Education Program provides a basic education to marginalized populations across our artisans’ villages. The topics range from classifying numerical denominations to calculations, from writing to submitting a bank’s application form. We do not limit the program benefits to just artisans, but rather make it available for everyone in the villages through community mobilization.

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“PANAASH made her children proud!”

The societal stigma against women kept PANAASH excluded from education since childhood. Santosh, a weaver village in J&K, never attended formal schooling. When the opportunity arose to learn to read and write, she spared no chance.

“It will take a lifetime for me to study and learn English I thought. I always imagined that the people in cities do it well because they have different brains than people like me in a village. The first three days, I cried to myself because I could not say the words “hardware” and “software” but I repeated them and other words I had to learn hundreds of times while I weaved the rugs and eventually, I succeeded. I’m still far away from learning English, but I can at least communicate better in my own language, which has made me confident and my family, especially my children, proud.”