By means of the PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED project, PANAASH CHARITABLE  FOUNDATION aims to bequeath a new life to each of those who have been deprived of the basic privileges of PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED for most of their lives. With the gift of mobility, these people develop self confidence, have the abilities to lead near-normal lives and have the potential to become contributing members of their society instead of being a burden on it.

We have been one of the pioneers in organizing mobility camps having earlier worked in the regions of Delhi Or J&K many more places across India and developing nations abroad. We have also set up permanent centres to aid the disabled in J&K

Till date, we have been able to reach out to an astounding figure of more than 1258+ challenged individuals.

These mobility camps provide various  support their mobility/audio receptivity. Children/youth affected by polio will be given calipers to support their limbs. Amputees will be benefitted. Tricycles, wheelchairs and crutches will also be distributed on a need based assessment. People with hearing impairment will be given hearing aids in order to improve their audio receptivity.

We have a fleet a special van for those with a hearing loss. These are fully equipped and manned by teams of trained and experienced personnel who fabricate prosthetics within a matter of hours so that a patient who enters the camp with the support from a family member in the morning, walks out independently by early evening.