Weaving As an Alternative Livelihood

In order to generate a sustainable livelihood for artisans, it is important to provide these artisans with continual learning of marketable skills and leadership attributes. This ultimately develops the entrepreneur’s mindset enduring sustenance.

Entrepreneurship Development happens when we combine ‘Skills’ with ‘Leadership’. The ongoing training that we provide raises the level of design and weaving at the local level. Inevitably, one or two women emerge with leadership qualities that are recognized and are capitalized upon to create an independent local group directly linked to corporate management in J&K.

new entp dev infographic

Entrepreneurship Development

Livelihood Project with J&K Rural Livelihood Promotion Society J&K PANAASH Foundation launched promotion of hand knotted carpet weaving as a sustainable non- farm livelihood opportunity for marginalized women of Gaya. Today, 1,952 women have enrolled in our training program and now are being integrated into the global market linkage through JRF.